Eco-Friendly and Aesthetic:
Best of both worlds

Hear ye, hear ye! Improper waste disposal, metric tonnes of plastic waste, industrial pollution, and global warming are all leading to the world’s slow demise. And fortunately, customers are taking note. Although it may seem that the disposable industry is the enemy, we believe it is too soon to make that decision. We are with our consumers – we too are worried about the future and the consequences of consumer decision, and thus we want to help relieve you of that burden.

“But-But won’t you compromise on the Aesthetics?”

We beg to differ. Aesthetics still persists to be our USP, however, we ensure to keep our moral compass intact by providing you with eco-friendly products that help you reduce single-use plastic consumption.

Keeping in mind how packaging is not just a way to deliver products, beverages and the like, it is a reflection of the brand and what it stands for. Let your packaging show you care, not only about the consumer trends but also about the very world we live in. We, here at Maimoon, promise to bring you fun, eye-catching, social media-friendly packaging that replaces the plastic with paper but keeps the aesthetics intact.

Going with the times

The disposables industry has faced a lot of backlash due to the nature of the product and its impact on the environment, and rightly so. The effect of disposables on our environment is immense and terrifying, however, it is time to turn the tables. Time to show the world how the industry can coexist with the world. In the foreseeable future we can’t see a world without disposables, so how about making this option a better one, something that weighs down less on the consumer’s eco-conscience.

It is time we take into consideration the consequences of our actions, and although it might be a bit heavier in the pocket, it is worth the price. Because today the price could very well be our world as we know it. Our products, at Maimoon papers, are made keeping every single angle in mind.

Our aesthetic driven, eco-friendly paper products are the best option for your environmentally charged business.


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