For the Perfect Paper Cup Marketing

Beverages like Coffee and Tea are alluring and can attract a large number of people for consumption. The paper cup that is used to contain these liquids may be a throw away product and yet, it is an inseparable item. And it gives you an opportunity to create a visual and functional experience for the consumer to make your brand stick to his mind.

The experience of coffee consumption is remembered not just for the taste but also for the convenience of hold, the liveliness of the design, and creativity of the communication delivered through the paper cup.

You may not be in the business of beverages but you can easily add paper cup to your marketing. A paper cup used for coffee or any other liquid consumption can give you much longer exposure than a regular TV or print ad because a paper cup. Your consumer would hold the cup for a minimum of 7 minutes and even up to an hour, in some cases, while consuming the beverage with friends in a group. Any visual or message delivered in this duration stands a good chance to be remembered for long.

The design of your paper cup, when unique and reflecting your culture delivers a message that strikes the chord with the consumer. A good design can perk up the mood of your consumer and create an experiential delight. So, it is important that you choose the right design for your brand to create a vibe that your consumer likes and thus, trusts you. But how do you ensure that your design is perfect for your brand?

Here are some of the factors that you must take into consideration while planning a design for your paper cup advertising.

Thematic Appeal: Is your company producing an environment-friendly product, creating a high-tech revolution or delivering a sensual experience? Whatever is the case, you choose a theme for your design that goes with your core product, service or industry.

Thematic Appeal

The Brighton Pelican House has five different cup sizes for beverages with each revealing one stage of hatching of the baby pelican from its shell. Australian Coffee centres used coffee cups with creative illustrations, tattoos and graffiti printed on them to promote art and culture to youngsters.

Visual arrest: Paper cup is a visual item and thus, it speaks through a visual appeal. For your consumer to shift his attention from the drink that is consumed to its container, you need to have some visually arresting design.

Visual arrest

Companies selling next-gen products to youngsters often use images of cricketers, fast cars, roosters and music bands to create such an impact. In some coffee shops in the world, the cup is designed to look like marbles and are given boundaries of sea and images of flora and fauna to promote their travel and tourism.

Sending a message: BioPack is an Australian cup line that created vessels that are biodegradable. Each cup has a positive environment theme and on it, is printed a message to support the idea of environment protection.

Sending a message

When designing paper cups, you can also use a plain but smacking single colour background and a single bold message highlighted with a contrasting colour. Black is often considered as the premium colour and thus, simple black and white combination like the one shown above can create an effect of elegance and sense of preimmunises.

Sending a message 2

Functional Excellence: A paper cup is a functional product and with slight modification in your standard design, you can enhance its functionality. Functional additions can create a differentiation and this differentiation is what gives you an opportunity to create a space in the consumers mind. Also, by giving extra, you are assuring your users that you care about them more than others which would build a trust in them for your brand.

Imagine if there were only 100 cup designs in the world and 99 of them had no holder attached to the cup except the one that is yours. How long would your consumer take to recognize it? What are the chances that your brand would be remembered more easily than others?

Engagement through a story: You can also create higher engagement with your users by using your design in such a way that it creates a story that makes the consumer curious enough to explore it or read it. If the story is created without the use of text then the consumer may even give special attention and a very careful look to make a sense of it.

Engagement through a story

Stories touch hearts and create a conversation between the viewer or reader and the story teller. So, if you are delivering a story through your paper cup, you are indirectly creating a conversation between your brand and the consumer. Look at the design above and think if this cup was in your hand, would you stop without turning it around to see the entire picture so you could understand what is happening?

A Hot Coffee cup is not mere a container but an aesthetic delight that incubates creativity and cultures in its design that speaks volumes and makes a sipper feel proud to enjoy the hot beverage inside it. So, for your perfect paper cup advertising, create a design that makes the experience memorable for the consumer and be remembered.


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