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Maimoon Papers is a dedicated and innovative company that has highly qualified and certified professionals in manufacturing high end paper cups that are eco-friendly, aesthetic,and customisable! The company was founded in the United Arab Emirates in 2015, by professionals who possess detailed appreciation of paper conversion and paper supply. The 3 D's: Determination, dedication, discipline have enabled our company to soar higher. Additionally our unwavering team of seasoned professionals bring value to our varied, customisable paper products through their incomparable talents and resourcefulness.

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Boost your sales: How branding and packaging helps retailers

Let’s agree on this – you already have a great product. Yet the sales are going downhill… Why? The reasons could be infinite, from a flaw in your sales model…

Create an immersive user experience

Your product is good which is why your customer has already purchased it but from here starts the process of building customer experience.

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