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user experience

Your product is good which is why your customer has already purchased it but from here starts the process of building customer experience. The first step in your presentation is the packaging. It is an important element that can ensure your customer carries a positive view.

The unboxing experience of your customer creates an impact on your customer. According to a Dotcom survey, 49% of consumers say that brilliant packaging excites them and 39% believe that it increases the chances of sharing the word about the product or brand with friends.

Creating an emotional connection with a customer is always on the top of your mind because that is what gets you their loyalty. Packaging can create an immersive experience that helps form this connection with your customers. Experiential marketing is thus, trending and all big brands are on to it. They know that a unique experience has benefits. It creates a premium reputation and the customer is willing to pay more. A higher brand desire is produced when immersive experience delivered to a customer.


Companies are no longer just designing products and packaging but they are designing experiences. How a package is opened, stored or used creates an experience and is an important area of work in experiential marketing. A good example is Apple that creates an experience right from the way of opening a sleeve to the way its product is placed inside the package. Heinz has a differentiated packaging that creates a ritualistic experience for people.

An immersive experience is created when beside a functional appeal, a packaging also connects with the senses of consumers. This creates a strong emotional desire for consumers to feel the need for a positive connection with a brand. Ergonomic designs and visual delight can help you make a strong connection.

A way through an immersive experience can be these simple steps that you can take while planning the designing of packaging for your product.

Step 1 – Understand what your brand stands for and ask yourself if your packaging is showing the true
identity of your brand.

step 1

Apple is a lifestyle brand that stands for creativity, elegance, and intelligence. The use of black color, symmetric placements of components, and simplicity of presentation in all its packaging is the true reflection of this identity.

Step 2 – Understand your customers so you can personalize their unboxing experience.

step 2

Know what they care for.
A personalized experience can be created by inserting a handwritten note.


Know what they relate with.
A curved shape on a shampoo bottle can create a feminine appeal for women consumers.

Step 3 – What are some of the tangible aspects of your packaging? Is it durable? Does it have a functional value? Such as protecting a brittle product from breakage or preventing entry of air in a food product to avoid rotting.

step 3

Identify the components that you need to create the functions required with your packaging. A brittle product like glass may need you to add a bubble wrap inside your box. A functional experience can be added by following the principles of ergonomics when adding components to packaging so that they ease product handling for your customer. Easy to read fonts, easy to hold the structure, suitable height, and width.

paper holder

The paper holder on the top of a packaged bottle of wine can make it easy for a consumer to pick up the bottles.


The creation of shapes for the insertion of components based on their shapes makes it easy for a customer to store products.

Step 4 – A packaging that is inspirational and creative can really push up your game up and create an unforgettable experience for your customer.

step 4

X-Mini is the capsule speaker. X-factor appeal of extreme sports is created in the shape of the box used for packing the speakers.


Souldrops is a laundry detergent which is unlike all other detergents in its packaging as it creates an inspirational look and feel of softness through the use of dreamy pallet of colors.

Brand, customers, functionality, and inspiration – they make important pillars of immersive packaging design.


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