Custom packaging:
How to create a brand
that is memorable

The word custom packaging can instantly scare small businesses as it is thought to be more pricey than its generic counterpart. So it is no shock that custom packaging seems out of reach for small businesses and startups.Why pay to customize something that will be thrown away? The answer is simple, custom packaging isn’t as expensive as people think.

Do not expect your business to stand out and be the ‘centre of attention’ if it doesn’t provide customization. The future of retail is evolving; consumers are no longer forced to buy an off-the-shelf product. Customization has proved to be the solution for many problems. It is an excellent branding strategy that can be used to increase efficiency, maximise the utilization of resources at hand, cutting down wastage and saving on storage and inventory holding costs.

Deloitte research shows how 1 out of 3 consumers want the ability to personalize their product, so much so that ‘e-commerce’ can now be coined onto ‘me-commerce’. Packaging is your consumer’s first physical interaction and impression of your brand, and at a time where options are plenty, first impressions are truly last impressions. Innovative methods are springing up where custom packaging can be used to promote your product and increase consumer brand awareness. A hot new trend is creating an unforgettable ‘unboxing experience’. Consumers will share this ‘unboxing experience’ online, and if it is eye-catching enough social media will spread your brand like wildfire. It is a great way to solidify your online-presence.

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Product customization helps us understand what the consumer wants. For example coca-cola realized how having your name on a bottle/can can be proved to be an incentive to purchase the product. Printing a few common names on cans led to the creation of an experimental website, which is now providing personalized products for parties and other special occasions; and coca-cola is now experiencing a growth in sales after over a decade of steady decline.

Packaging plays a role in establishing the authenticity of the product. The authenticity of your product can be communicated in the store or at home via the packaging to influence the purchase decision and strengthen brand loyalty. It creates a strong brand recall and thus successfully builds a distinct form of brand recognition.

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We here at Maimoon understand and value the importance of moving ahead with time and thus provide you with a range of aesthetics and classified products that meet your demands and make your experience with us as memorable and enjoyable as possible.


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