Embossed Ripple Wall

hot cup regular
embossed cup8 OZ
embossed cup12 OZ
embossed cup16 OZ

8 OZ Embossed Ripple Wall

Production Description

Available in Standard Design or Customized Design

Packaging: 1000 pieces per carton

Material: Paper | Usage: Hot Beverages | Category: Embossed Ripple Wall


8 OZ
12 OZ
16 OZ

Stock up on our ripple wall paper cups for your kiosk, coffee shop, cafeteria, or beverage station, and double the fun of the beverage-drinking experience. The ideally designed multi-purpose ripple wall paper cups come in handy travel size and can add a rustic feel. They are ideal for tasting and enjoying lattes, herbal teas, hot cocoas, smoothies, oatmeals, and soups.

Keep Your Beverage Hot for a Prolonged Time

The ripple paper cups can be recycled and are completely environment-friendly. Each of our nature-friendly paper cups comes in premium quality and is a great value for money. For more information on our ripple paper cups, call us today.

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