Harness the popularity of beverages at your next event

Imagine it is a nice, chilly day, you are at a business event or exhibition and you see one of the stalls offering you a nice warm cup of coffee for free. Chances are you will head on over and get yourself a cup to indulge in, and thank the owner graciously. As you’re enjoying your delicious beverage, you notice the cup and its bright and bold designs and the company logo. Subconsciously your brain will associate that logo to a happy memory and the pleasant feeling of drinking hot coffee on a cold day.

So, when you next see that logo you will be filled with positive feelings and will be more trusting of that brand. This is the power of paper cup branding. If you are a business owner or have a brand that you wish to promote, then the secret to your success lies in paper cup marketing. When hosting or attending an event where you own a stall or booth, offering a cup of coffee or any popular beverage (depending on the season) is a great way to advertise yourself without being obnoxious and too in-your-face.

Due to the prolonged duration of your customer interacting with the cup, they are bound to notice the interactive design and logo on your cup. Studies have shown that packaging related marketing has a significantly higher recall value in customers. Additionally because the customers are likely to roam around the event with your customized cup, other people who have not yet interacted with you are more likely to take note of your brand.

As a business owner this is a fool-proof strategy, you are not only giving customers something they love, which makes them create a positive association with your brand, but you’re also able to market your brand or message. In business, the first impression is the last impression, and if your customer’s first interaction with the brand is so positive, they are more likely to buy your product/ service.

When choosing a design for your paper cup it is important to keep in mind 3 factors.

Dynamite Designs
Your paper cup needs to be eye catching. There are so many things happening all around the event, make your cup stand out and compel your customers to stop and observe it keenly. This can be done by using bold or bright colors and having clean and catchy designs.

Clarity is Key
Since this is a cup, you have only limited space to work with and overcrowding it with a deluge of information will do you no good. Your message needs to be clear and readable even from a distance. This can be achieved by minimizing the content you put on your cup, and using a bold font, easy to read font.

Call to Actions
Paper cup marketing allows you to play with your creativity, but there are a few key pointers you cannot miss out. Your logo is a crucial part of your identity, do not forget to work it into your design. More importantly, your paper cup needs to have a way for your customers to contact you. Including your contact information such as phone number and website is a vital part of your marketing, otherwise potential customers won’t know where to find you.

Customized paper cups can sometimes be tricky, with so many different sizes and types you need an expert’s guidance. We can help. Maimoon is exactly the paper cup partner you need to help you navigate through the nuances and details of paper cup marketing. We have been in the business since 2015 and provide the best quality products at the most affordable price points. We strive to create a memorable experience for you and your customers.

Contact us today to harness the popularity of beverages at your next event.


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