Disposables Vs COVID-19

The world is changing so drastically, up is down and down is up. In these confusing and challenging times, it becomes difficult to navigate through the global market and its intricacies. Which is where we step in. This blog aims to break down and explain the virus’ relationship with the disposables industry.

Disposables and flexible packaging options have seen a surge in popularity these days. Due to the global pandemic, more and more consumers are opting for single-use disposables because of the hygiene and sanitation that they offer. The World Health Organisation (WHO) itself recommends the use of disposable containers and packaging to avoid the need for cleaning and risk of infection from handling used containers.

As more and more people are homebound and restaurants have struck off dining in privileges, they turn to food delivery options. The rise in food delivery and takeaway services is expected to further drive demand for disposable and flexible packaging. Many companies have already switched to single-use plastics and banned reusable containers including Starbucks in March 2020.

Although many places around the world are trying to push the BYOB (bring your own box) schemes, it still hasn’t caught the momentum people were hoping it would. Disposables can almost be considered an essential at this point. But that brings us to an important question: what about the environment?

For years environmentalists and activists have been campaigning against single use plastic disposables, will this pandemic undo all that hard work? Are we willing to put a noose around our planet’s neck? We, at Maimoon Papers, say no.

There is always a choice, a way out that balances both the sides at an equilibrium. Our option here? Paper disposables. A much more environmentally friendly option that can perform the task at just as well, if not better, as a plastic disposable. Here, you get to cut down the damage that you do to the earth, while still keeping your health, safety and hygiene in check.

Opting for paper disposables is the way to go. They tick every box, from bringing back that chic vintage vibe to keeping up with today’s eco-centric demands. The COVID 19 pandemic has truly put us into a corner, but we don’t have to survive today at the cost of tomorrow. Sustainability is a choice not a consequence.

We at Maimoon Papers understand that and have for you a range of disposables, from cold cups to heavy duty hot cups, we have something for all your paper cup needs. In these troubling times, we want to empower and enable you to make the right choices by giving you all the tools you need! No matter what, the power of choice is yours.


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