Paper cups for
hot beverages

The paper cup market is either segmented by the content inside or by the type of cup used. The content can include hot beverages, cold beverages, and other liquids. According to the type of beverage, a selection is made from different types including pocket insulated, wax paper, poly-coated, wax-coated, foam cup and others.

Hot beverages like coffee or tea require special considerations when designing a cup. Consumer safety is of prime importance. While holding the cup, the drink should not burn the fingers of the patron holding it. However, at the same time, the durability of the cup and its cost of manufacturing are also important considerations in a business. Different avenues are available designing paper cups that fit well for hot beverages but each design would have distinctive advantages for users and the brand producing it. Thus, a careful choice is needed to be made from different types of cups.

Here are some ways, paper cups are designed to hold hot beverages such that they are easy to hold and also safe for your consumer. Depending on how they fare well for you as a business organization, a choice can be made.

Foam Cups

Foam based cups are cost-effective and light-weight options for the use as containers for hot as well as cold beverages. The chances of having leaks are less in these cups as they are produced as single pieces. These cups can come in different shapes, patterns, and designs. Usual sizes are 8-ounce, 10-ounce, 12 ounces and 16 ounces. They can also be customized to add more features like pedestal and insulation for the durability and safety of the user. The cost of manufacturing can be reduced significantly with bulk production and thus, can get you savings.

Air Pocket Insulation

An air pocket can be created between the outer and inner layers of the paper cup to create insulation that would not allow the extreme heat to escape and thus, the person holding the cup would be safe.

Polymer Coating

When a person is holding a cup containing a hot beverage, condensation can happen which could make the cup soggy. Also, the sweat secreted from the hand of the consumer can further weaken its material even when it is insulated within. However, if a polymer coating is added over the cup, an additional lining is formed which protects the cup from getting weaker. This type of coating also has benefits over the wax coating, when used for cold beverages, which could cause a wax accumulation in dispensers. The poly-coated cup is leak-proof and can have tight rims rolled over it. Moreover, these coatings can come in many colors and cups can be designed in many different sizes.

Sustainable heat resistant paper cups

Considering the worldwide concern for sustainability, you can also have your cup designed using renewable materials such as compostable papers and PLA shells. With the use of renewable materials, your customers can safely dispose the cups for a recycling which would save resources.

Besides taking care of the heat inside your cup, you can also help your consumer with extra features through additional accessories in each design. These accessories can make your cups spill-proof for extra safety or add more functionalities. These can include attached straws, stirrers, sleeves, lids, rims and more.

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