Paper: Your new
packaging partner

Imagine you’re in the supermarket, browsing through the aisles for cookies. You’ve never really bought them by yourself before, you just somehow always had them at home, but now as this item has made its way into your grocery list, you’re puzzled. The shelves are stacked with cookies from different companies, offering different products, drowning you in offers and discounts. How do you choose? How do you pick one for yourself, what will draw you to one product more than the rest? It’s simple: packaging.

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If it applies to cookies in a supermarket, it applies to your business too. High quality, well thought out packaging works wonders when it comes to building consumer appeal. According to Charles W. Lamb et al., (2011), in their book “Essentials of Marketing” think that packaging has four distinct marketing functions.

1. Protects the product
2. Promotes the product
3. Helps the consumer use the product
4. Facilitates recycling and reduces environmental damage

When you keep these factors in mind, it’s no wonder that paper packaging is all the craze these days. Paper boxes and bags tend to be designed in a way that will keep the goodies inside them safe and free from damage, and don’t tend to get any ugly dents or cracks after being moved around. This makes paper boxes and bags, a strong contender in the packaging industry.

Furthermore, due to the nature of the material, paper products are very easy to get creative with. From printing intricate designs to hand-drawn calligraphy on the bag to make your packages more personal, paper packaging gives you more options to play around and simply have more fun with your presentation. Especially with the earthy tones aesthetic rapidly gaining popularity, a paper bag or box is surely the way to go if you want to hit your customers with that warm, vintage feel. The best part? Cool, trendy packaging not only enhances the experience for the customer but also advertises your product. Two birds with one stone.


Keeping in mind the increase in environmentally conscious users and the company’s own moral compass, paper packaging is the way to go! Paper is biodegradable, relatively eco-friendly, and a fairly economical material to use for packaging. Additionally, the use of paper packaging massively cuts down the consumption of single-use plastic by industries and individuals alike. Isn’t that fantastic?

Yes, there are drawbacks to paper packaging which predominantly include its environmental implications, however, it is by far one of the best options available. Mainly due to the fact that recycled paper can also be used to create the packaging, which is beneficial to both the environment and your company’s brand image.

Paper packaging is slowly climbing its way into our everyday interactions, and for good reason: it is effective, aesthetic, and environmentally friendly. What more could you want?


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