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Paper cup advertising

A paper cup has an exposure time of 5 to 7 minutes, more than most advertising channels for single ads. And this presents you an opportunity to give something that doesn’t just mention your brand but stimulates discussions around it. Here are a few ideas you can try to make your paper cup advertising really click with your potential customers.

What does that mean?

“Markets don’t get better by chance but by change” – such a message on a paper cup in your hand will make you wonder what it means. It is a bold statement that reveals a truth that most people are interested in knowing but the statement only gives a claim, not a way to achieve the goal of better. So, the paper cup consumer would start to think if he or she should try to find more about the idea. There is a possibility that the consumer would go online, search your brand or take a look at your website to understand more. Most drinks are consumed not alone but with a company and such a bold message could then become a topic of discussion between consumers in the company.


Where will it take me?

You give them a place to go through a QR code and an interesting message for a push on the paper cup. The consumer would wonder where the link would take and with mobile always at service, perhaps, will try to scan the code to just check out where it leads. A QR can be appealing and tempting in itself. It will generate curiosity in the person to find out what it is made for. Some companies just put their website link on the paper but for that to work, the person will have to type the link on one’s mobile which can be tenuous. QR link is the easiest way to reach you. Make sure that your QR code landing is on some really relevant and interesting page that immediately grabs the attention of the visitor to make the most of your advertising.

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Yes, that is who I am

“Are you looking for a new job?” Asking a straight question that your consumer already has in one’s head can immediately strike and the person would say, “yes, that is true, I am searching”. So, why not try and at least visit the website or perhaps call you to find out if you can help? Make sure that you have a clear brand name displayed so it is easy for them to search for you. You can also put a website link, a QR code, or give a direct contact number to reach out.

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This is really cool!

A cup design that itself speaks for you, can stimulate discussion in your consumers who would say, “Wow, this is really a cool cup” and perhaps would like to retain it for reuse at home if the packaging is impressive. You could find friends or colleagues discussing on what could have gone behind the idea of creating such a cup, how could it be beneficial as compared to other styles, and what feeling is it giving you. The 5-7 minutes of exposure to your paper cup can lead to ten minutes of discussion on it. At stretch, this discussion would go anywhere beyond your brand but your consumer will never forget the trigger – your design!

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News in Use!

A piece of hot news on your paper cup – how interesting could it be?! News is one item, people can’t help but read and if it is on a cup that is anyways in hand for a few minutes, there is a high chance that the consumer would read the piece. If this news somehow mentions you or your industry, you have given your consumer enough to think about you.

News on a paper cup that is in use and will soon be thrown – who does that? Your consumer will be impressed and think of you as a company that is rather serious about giving useful and relevant content to your users through marketing. And as the news is the latest item always, your company will be seen as proactive and innovative in coming up with new ideas and designs in advertising.

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Should we try?

“Get 30% off on your first three rides,” says a paper cup cab ad and the person who has not tried the cab services earlier asks his friends, “Should we try?”. A simple offer, when posted on your paper cup that stays in one hand for at least 5 minutes, would push the person into thinking and at least considering if that discount should be availed. If the person is in a location like a mall or a shopping complex with no personal car at service, there is a high chance that the person would think of giving your brand a try in this case. So, if you are using this cool offer strategy, ensure that you are distributing the paper cup at the right place where it is possible for your consumers to immediately take your service.


Do you want more ideas on how cool and effective your paper cup advertising could be? Then keep a look out for our future blogs


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